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the MTJMe mission

The More Than Just Me Foundation will strive to facilitate positive change in the world by empowering each individual to be bigger than themselves. MTJMe will motivate everyone to become more involved in fundraising events, community service projects, and creating their own adventures, on both a local and global platform.


You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream

-Les Brown

More Than Just Me all started after the finale of the More Than Just Miles Project as our founder, Tommy Danger, finished his cross country run from Seattle, WA to Daytona Beach, FL. During this adventure, Tommy had a goal to drive awareness and funds to those affected by a genetic disease known as "Cystic Fibrosis". During the 3,191 miles of running over six months he was not only able to create the awareness but make friends with thousands across the globe that shared his passions.

As More Than Just Me has grown we want to do more than just exist and truly make our world a better place by spreading love and adventure across the globe. We are expanding our efforts thanks to our amazing staff and athletes that dedicate their lives to improving others in our amazing world. Whether you are climbing Everest or just smiling at someone on the sidewalk, you are able to change lives so we challenge each and everyone to be bigger than yourself. 


Real Life. Real Adventures. Real Love. Real Tv.

More Than Just Me Tv is a high production webisode series that follows the adventures of MTJMe, the causes we help, and those people affected by the causes. Thanks to the amazing work of John Burkett and Red Tide Productions we are able showcase these amazing stories for free through our YouTube page. We hope that these webisodes motivate you some way in life whether it drives you to be bigger than yourself or simply puts a smile on your face. We hope to continue to make more webisodes each year!

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