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Tommy Danger


Tommy Danger is an adventure athlete that learned in his mid 20's that life wasn't about the money you make, yet the lives you change. Through his love of adventure he founded a non-profit foundation called More Than Just Me that uses adventure projects to drive awareness and funds to different causes around the world.

He is currently in the middle of his third project called More Than Just Mountains where he is climbing the Seven Summits (the highest peak on each continent) with two of his close friends to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis.

His adventures started with cycling from LA to Boston in 2007 and followed it up by running from Seattle to Daytona Beach in 2012.

Growing up in a small town in Indiana he didn't really grasp the concept of adventure. He knew of the normal sports like football, baseball, and basketball. He was surrounded by corn and flat fields. A mountain was the ski slopes up at the Bittersweet resort in Michigan. He didn't really understand real mountains until he headed west at the age of 25 to start his bike ride across the country. 

He was always the athletic kid but he grew up in a family where you finished your plate and that usually consisted of southern cooking so when he entered high school he was 4'11" and 105 pounds. Well....the eating caught up with him and by the time he hit his senior year he was only 5'4" but had blossomed to a hefty 245 pounds and his nick name was "Fat Tom". 

One day he challenged himself to only chew gum for 100 hours straight but what he didn't realize is that would send him into anorexia without him really even knowing what that consisted of. He lost weight and got a girlfriend near the end of his senior year before gaining all of his weight back plus 20 pounds sitting at a new high of 265 pounds. He had grown six more inches both up and out. After realizing he had put the weight back on he decided to take a new approach to losing the weight.

Thanks to the best man in his wedding, Cameron Beer, he started going to the gym and the owner of that gym, Resia Rinker, took him in like a son. She taught him about fitness, health, and how wealth isn't the main purpose of life. She always told him to treat people the way you want to be treated so he started to do just that.

Now Tommy is 35 years old and living his dreams one day at a time. He married his best friend, Dr. Alyx Danger, and together they have a daughter named Mayzie Soleil and an adventurous maltese named, Boo. They currently live in Park City and love to travel together in between the projects Tommy is currently working on to help others.