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The Erin Effect

"Don't be Delicate. Be Vast and Brilliant"

Sometimes we have to lose a loved one to love the world

The Erin Effect is in honor of a sister we lost too soon. Erin Phillips was born with a genetic disease known as Cystic Fibrosis. Through the years her lung function began to drop and was able to receive a double lung transplant just before her 30th birthday.

When she came on board with MTJMe she was full of energy, spiciness, and endless amounts of love. Our founder, Tommy Danger, would go to different countries during his travels and visit orphanages and Erin would always joke that she was building a huge house so she could adopt every single child Tommy came across. 

Erin lived the concept of "More Than Just Me". Even thought she lived with this deadly disease her passion was with helping orphans and orphanages around the world. We were planning a trip to El Salvador before Erin passed in July of 2015. 

We created this project not only in her honor but to bring food, clean water, clothes, toys, but most importantly LOVE to these beautiful children. 


How do we raise money for The erin effect?

After erin tragically passed away MTJMe created special custom gear with The Erin Effect logo on them including a tee shirt, sticker, patch, and a stuffed elephant.

Elephants were Erin's third love behind orphans and Coors Light. She adored them so what better to have then a soft and plush elephant.

We sell these items on our online store to raise funds to help orphanages we visit during our travels training for the next adventure.


What have we done with the money raised?

Thanks to the amazing people that have bought The Erin Effect gear we have been able to do the following:

  • Pay for 20 Kenyan orphans to go through one year of school and we were able to buy them school supplies.
  • Buy food, Toys, School Supplies, and donate clothes to an orphanage in Tanzania.
  • Buy School Supplies, Toys, and over 400 pounds of food for an orphanage in Ecuador.