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Bear Lake Ultra Marathon


Join Tommy as he participates in the Bear Lake Ultra Marathon, a 24 hour run that he will use to raise donations for MTJMe. Runners will be challenged and rewarded as they loop their way along rolling hills on single-track trails and wide groomed trails, with a few wooden bridge crossings on the 3.1 mile trail. 

How can you help?

Currently, we’re looking for sponsors to commit to a "per mile" amount (ie: $1 mile commitment x 100 miles = $100). Tommy is reaching for the stars this year with a goal of 100 miles at $100/mile! To pledge your commitment or for more information, please reach out to 


Top corporate Sponsors


a word from Tommy

On Sept 29th and 30th I will be participating in the Bear Lake Ultra Marathon, which is a 24 hour run.

This means that for 24 hours I will be try to see how many miles I can complete on a 3.1 mile loop. A full loop must be completed for the miles to count.

I've done some 24 hour walks before and had some amazing people accompany me (Crystal Raney-IveyNicole SkorichTimothy Ettridge) and have completed 45, 52, and 60 miles.

My goal for this 24 hour run is 100 miles. Yup....100 miles in less than a day. I won't sleep and I hope to hit my mark but honestly I need your help.

Motivation is a tricky animal, but it can make the mind and the body do some crazy things, so I am asking you for motivation.

I will be fundraising for the More Than Just Me Foundation to get funds for our programs that benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Community!

How can you help?
-Donate per mile (a penny, a dime, a quarter, a dollar, FIVE DOLLARS) You pay your donation times the miles I complete in 24 hours. Maybe its 50, 70, 100 or more. Time will tell.

My goal is to get $100 per mile. You can be a part of that. Also if you donate $1 or more per mile you will get a special edition MTJMe tee that can only be obtained through this fundraiser!

The TOP five donors will get one of our rarest gifts in the MTJMe community and that is one of our Limited Edition Everest Coins. Each one is numbered and only so many were made.

So I ask you please to be apart of this journey and adventure as we drive awareness to Cystic Fibrosis and be bigger than yourself.

Platinum private Sponsors ($3+/mile)

Colin Penuel
Liz Bow
Jay Phillips
Becky Wagoner
Janice Biggerstaff Dunlap


gold private Sponsors ($1+/mile)

Piper Beatty Welsh
Robin Spencer
Peggy Stigleman
Christy Howard
Toni Richardson
Danielle Mattison
Ashleigh Cobb
Emma Mullins
Robert Paulsen
Angela Tyre Gano
The Jasin Family
Steven Greenough
Danna Flowers
Michael Magnus
Michelle Klements-Walbridge
Nick Maiorana
Lizzie Gorman
Brian Binker
Madison Volner
Candy Kummer
Carol Hanson
Mark Nolan
Linda Klein
Melissa Moore
Lara Govendo
Rosey Nguyen
Brooke Gans
Catherine Wickam
Marty Vaughn
Kerry Vaughn
Missy Pilgrim
Patricia Fernandez
Darlene Colandrea
Damien Scott
Melissa Jean
Serina Kimberly
Heather Nikki Curry
Amee Goodhew
Mike Kelley
Brianna Long
Tasha Eizinger
Jenny Wilmerton
Matthew Jasin
Christine Hallas
Teresa Fuller
The Franks
Jon Swick


About Bear Lake Camp

Lions Bear Lake Camp is owned and operated by Lions Visually Impaired Youth Camp, Inc. The camp opened its doors in July, 2000.  Starting with only 53 campers our first year, we have now been able to service more than 6000 campers and visitors since our opening. We are financially supported by the Lions, Lioness and Leos, as well as Foundation grants and individual donors throughout MichiganThe Lions Visually Impaired Youth Camp Inc. aspires to provide a premiere recreational/educational facility providing opportunities for persons with special needs.


Lions Bear Lake Camp is set on its own uniquely landscaped grounds which include a lake,swimming area, fishing area, woods, trails, nature center, low ropes challenge course, climbing tower, zip line, activity field and so much more