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The Rope of Hope Program was created in honor and remembrance of those that we have lost due to Cystic Fibrosis. We have incorporated a vital part of high altitude mountaineering to illustrate our sentiments: Every six feet, we will tie a butterfly knot with climbing rope. Each climbing loop will be dedicated to someone with CF that we lost too soon. Another key component, a carabiner, will also hang from the rope. By adding a carabiner to the rope, it allows us to attach a laminated picture of the CFer being honored.

We hope that this program allows us to remember our friends, family, and loved ones that should still be with us. This rope will be traveling to the basecamp of Mt. Everest. As part of the More Than Just Mountains Project, our founder, Tommy Danger, will be summiting the final peak of the Seven Summits.

After Mt. Everest, we hope to bring the program to events around the country showing the CF community & the world that even though we have lost many, we will never forget any of them.

Our greatest hope is for the rope to be nonexistent....meaning that we will no longer have to say goodbye to these amazing souls due to Cystic Fibrosis because CF will stand for Cure Found.