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More Than Just Masks

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The More Than Just Me Foundation teamed up with Kroger Specialty Pharmacy to create a program called More Than Just Masks. 

Through this collaboration we are able to make custom VOGMASK brand masks and sell them at a Suggested Donation.

This means if that if you can afford it then GREAT but if not and you've been wanting an epic Vogmask then we have your back.

Wait......Its free?? Well if you don't have money to use towards a mask and need one then its 100% FREEEEEEEEE!  

With the ability of getting free stuff we do need to put some regulations on it so we ask that you only purchase/order one per CFer or one per person that needs its. (If more than one is ordered for one person it is a minimum of $10 per Vogmask. We will be sending emails to those that order more than one of each size to verify the use of them) This is so we can get our masks into as many hands as we can.

We hope you love these masks as much as we do here at More Than Just Me!!!



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What size should I order?

Weight based Size Recommendations:

Small 25-50 lbs / 11-22 kg

Medium 51-130 lbs / 23-58 k

Large 130-200+ lbs / 59-90 kg

 Please contact us if the mask you ordered is not the proper size.