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In This Together CF Name Tee-Hoodie-Sticker


In This Together CF Name Tee-Hoodie-Sticker

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We recently had this idea drawn up and it came out more beautiful than we ever imagined. It’s a mixture of the Tree of Life, Helix, and Lungs representing the CF Community.

We have some hidden messages within the design and will share about those in the future, but this design represents a community to us. Our new slogan is “In This Together” as we feel the CF Community is one giant family and we are all in this together.

If you are purchasing a tee you will be happy to know that it is made of recycled water bottles so as you bring awareness to Cystic Fibrosis you are also helping out our beautiful planet.

Also we have decided to switch to a printing company that is owned by someone that has Cystic Fibrosis to show even more support for the community.

This design will be on the front of the shirt and hoodie and the CF names will be located on the back. We only have room for so many CF Names so make sure you add your name ASAP to get it on this item. (Stickers will not have names on them, it will only be the Tree design)

If you have already added your name to previous CF Name tees we STILL NEED YOU TO ADD YOUR NAME FOR THIS ONE AS ITS A NEW TEE!


Proceeds from this CF Name tee will go towards our programs that help the CF Community like CFer of the Month, Game On, and Breath of Relaxation.


MEANING AFTER THE END DATE April 15th they will be ordered and printed

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