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MTJMiles Showdown

Motivation is our game at More Than Just Me and thats exactly what we are bringing to the table in 2017 as Adventure Athlete, Tommy Danger is taking on Respiratory Therapist, Natalie Shelton in our More Than Just Miles Showdown Event!

In 2017 Natalie and Tommy will collect miles by either running, walking, or hiking in order to be more fit/healthy as well as motivating others to do more than just exist. We do this for Cystic Fibrosis and understand that this disease can put a damper on exercise for many so we are calling out all of those that have the ability to get up and go. We want you to move whether thats out for a walk or sprinting to the finish!

Whomever has the least amount of miles at the end of 2017 will be purchasing 65 individuals with Cystic Fibrosis one of our iconic More Than Just Me tee shirts throughout 2018. The stakes are high as we will be having fun mileage fundraisers throughout the year to have people help us spread more awareness for this genetic disease that needs a cure.

Will you be apart of the adventure???? 

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The Participants

Lets the games begin!


Natalie Shelton

Natalie is a working mom who knows that she needs to log miles for her health.  She is a respiratory therapist who helps people breathe and fight things like CF, asthma, morbid obesity, COPD, and other lung disease.  After dealing with a back injury and lack of time, she is committing to make year 41 healthy and amazing.  As for the Danger Dude, he's gonna be smoked like a turkey in this challenge.  Not with cigarettes though, cause those things will kill ya! 🙀(Natalie is RED)


Tommy Danger

Tommy has ran across the country for Cystic Fibrosis but isn't sure if his legs are made for more miles. He's looking forward to pushing himself as it will help him train for the mountains and get in better shape with a baby on the way.  "I'm going to crush Natalie like a little fly, actually I don't kill flies." (Tommy is BLUE)

Miles Completed