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You found a Donation Everest Coin!

One. Of. Three. Hundred. HOW COOL?

There are 3 unique ways to win me:

  1. Donate $50 to MTJM at

  2. Donate $20 to MTJM at and give me to a friend instead (non-family members only)

  3. Donate $30 to MTJM at and tag 7 people who have never followed More Than Just Me. (Come on, Tommy is climbing 7 summits, what’s 7 friend tags?)

Once you’re done, post a screenshot with the time on the More Than Just Me Foundation Group Facebook Page and TAG Tommy Danger (this counts as your entry). The offer code must be shown in the screen shot as well.

Offer Code: DonateCoin3

Limit: 1 winner

*proof of donation must be provided to Tommy Danger to win*