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Slowest. Race. Ever. Run

100 miles. 100 days.

Goal: $10,000 (100/mile)

   14% Funded
   $1,406 Raised (@100 miles)
Days to Go
   9 Sponsors

Join Josh as he attempts to race 100 miles in 100 days for MTJM & CFF

How can you help?

Currently, we’re looking for sponsors to commit to a "per mile" amount (ie: $1 mile commitment x 100 miles = $100). Josh is HOPING for a goal of 100 miles at $100/mile! To pledge your commitment or for more information, please reach out to 

Why call this a race?

Like most people who follow MTJMe, Josh is in a race against cystic fibrosis. As he’s gotten older, the disease has roared its ugly head more and more. He’s decided to take back some control and do his best to gain back precious lung function while also raising funds for a cause he believes in.

top private sponsors ($1+ per mile)

Alysia Olson
Mayzie Soleil (the Dangers)
Kevin & Lori Barham
Susie Rider
Keyser Soze
Frank Wiesner
Nancy Haslam
Becky Wagner
Eric Canonge
Dustin, Jenna and Charlotte Long


a word from josh

My name is Josh Ellis. I’m a front-end web developer and content creator and I also happen to have cystic fibrosis. Like a lot of people with cystic fibrosis, I squandered away a lot of early opportunities in life. The doctors appointments and constant reminders of life expectancies and everything else don’t make it easy to want to plan for a future you’re not sure will happen. Eventually, I woke up at 25 and realized that I was living out a self-fulfilling prophecy. It was up to ME to want to live a better life and right the ship. By 27, I was back in school and ready to take the world by storm. I was paving my own way but CF is a beast that strikes when you don’t want it to and years of crappy living have finally begun to catch up with me. So, now, I’m taking my health as seriously as I took fixing my future. Hopefully, you’ll follow along as I raise money for CF while also helping ME.


Grab a TeeShirt!

While you’re here, consider grabbing one of the shirts custom designed by Josh to benefit the run. Details can be found here.