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We choose someone diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis through a nomination process on a monthly basis highlighting those that not only live with CF but live by the MTJMe motto, which is to "Be BIGGER Than Yourself"

We look for those that are trying to make our world a better place whether thats inspiring others, working with their communities, or just living a healthy and adventurous lifestyle so our goal with COTM is to create a "Get Out And Explore" pack including all your needs to get lost in the wilderness (NOT LITERALLY).

Each CFer of the month will be showcased over MTJMe's social media platforms and sent a special CFer of the Month gift pack containing awesome MTJMe swag as well as product from some of our product sponsors that support our projects!

December CF’er OTM

Matt Wright

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What does CF mean to you?
To me, CF is being cognizant of all the beautiful things in my life, and pursuing them full force.  CF means that I have had some very dark times, but the right people showed up to love and support me.  I have to work harder than most to stay healthy and therefore cherish my health to a degree that many don't.  Sometimes I get sad that those that love me have to worry and face scary things.  CF is both a blessing and sometimes a curse, a disease that introduced me to so many beautiful CF warriors and then took them from me.  It is a disease that connects me to many and at the same time isolates me from those that could know and understand me best.  CF is the very worst and the very best of me. 

What are you doing to live your life?
To live my life I am pushing past the fears and climbing mountains. I did all 46 of the Adirondack High Peaks, and went on to complete several Spartan races; including a few of the BEAST level races.  I ride my bike almost daily and lift weights as well.  One of the most beautiful things I do to live, is raising and helping to raise some great children that light up my life. We go on adventures together and they give me a reason to keep going strong. I am also passionate about rescuing dogs. Additionally, I work as a psychologist at a high school, which is very fulfilling as well and gives my life meaning.

What are some of your near future goals?
My near future goals are to complete a 10k with some friends and then a 50 mile bike race. I was also asked to take part in a Ragnar race!  I have always wanted to travel more and plan to work on accomplishing that goal with my 15 year old son.

Advice you would give other CFers living in our crazy world...
My advice would be to surround yourself with strong, supportive people who will hold you up when you need to be held and walk beside you when you need support. I have always been a huge advocate for being compliant with your medical routine, exercising, and addressing your spiritual needs as well. It doesn't have to be in a church or a specific God, but do things that grow, challenge, and nourish your soul. And finally, if you're busy being good to others and grateful for life, you'll have much less time to be down about your own.  

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